We have worked hard to give you the best of the internet without breaking breaking your bank account.  We believe you'll discover that you can now afford a full internet presence... complete with email capability!


$24.99 a year with no set up charges.

This plan is shown on our front page at PaperTheWeb.com and should be ordered from that page. You get your own domain name and a host of other services when you register your domain name. The downside? You put up your own website "do it yourself" thru a point and click interface. It will probably take you an evening or more depending on how fast you master the interface and how much content you want.

It is three pages and offers an additional page of a flash introduction.



$100 paid by year or $10.00 a month paid by the month.

Already have your domain? Know how to put up a website? Want a huge amount of room, mailboxes galore, web email, built in programs and great uptime?  This is where you belong.  You won't find a better deal anyplace.  Domain registration is not included but available at $10.00 a year. If you would like housing and don't need design services for your domain please email me.


We do all the work! Everything for a spectacular website in one easy package! $199.00 the first year includes a year's domain registration, housing, complete setup and friendly support.  

You'll get a professionally designed website made especially for those in the decorating arts, up to five webpages, all sorts of options for personalization. PLUS (if you need them) one update allowed per quarter.

You don't have to do anything except pick the template and tell us what you want it to include. You can personalize as much or as little as you please.  Check out all of our templates and discover the best deal on the web!

IMPORTANT!!!!  You also get email boxes and web email.  Your new email address will be yourname@yourcompany.com! Everytime you send an email you advertise your business! You can have this email address for a lifetime! So if you leave your current internet provider your address goes with you. Check out our "EMAIL" button at the top of this page. 

We have a Photo policy that allows you plenty of photos for your site. That policy is HERE.

Question?  Check out our FAQ.

Choose your template and order this plan HERE!

(The second year hosting is $99.00 and includes your yearly domain registration fees. If you prefer to pay this by the month it is $9.00 a month. Either way it still includes up to one update per quarter.)


Need much more than five pages?  We will go over your requirements with you and give you a quote.   The design we make for you will not appear in our templates.  If you are interested in this service please email me.   You can see some few examples of websites constructed under that plan HERE or HERE or HERE or HERE.

(The design fee includes housing for one year and limited updates.  Domain registration fees are an additional $10.00 per year. )