Because photos are necessary to highlight what you do you are allowed up to TEN (10) photos per site!  You can use the same photo on two different pages and it only counts as one photo.  

So, for example, if you have a dynamic display of ten photos on your front page you can use any of those same photos on other pages in a static display and still stay within your included limit! (A dynamic display is a photo display that changes and they give you the ability to display many photos on one page.)

We have a complete list of all our dynamic displays HERE. They are really neat!

If you decide to use the dynamic displays shown on our templates and you want to keep them just as they are shown in the template that counts as five photos even though the display as shown might include many more. (That's because I've already done all that work!) Therefore you will still be able to send us five personal photos to use on your inside pages or we will use five stock photos.   Your choice. 

We have used stock photos from YORK and BREWSTER on our website templates.  York is great to get photos from because they actually put room sets up on the internet and show wallcoverings in actual use. Check out their website HERE.  Brewster allows you to input their wallcoverings to blank walls. Their site is HERE. These companies will be given photo credit on your website if we use their photos on your site.

Your personal photos should be sent to us by email.  Photos should by at least 500 pixels across and should be .jpeg or .jpg format.  It is possible to use .gif photos but those will not display as well. If you aren't sure what a pixel is... send them to us and we'll let you know if there is a problem using them. 

If you need photos scanned you can send them to us by snail mail. Please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope if you want them returned. There is a $3.00 per photo for scanning. Our address is PO BOX 599, Commerce, Georgia 30529.  You might be able to find scanning services cheaper locally.  We hope you can because scanning is a pain in the tutty and it one of those things (like going to the dentist) we dread doing.

We can also take your photos off a CD if you prefer and you have one. If you request one photo labs will give you a CD with your photos when they are developed. If you want the CD returned please send a self-addressed stamped envelope or there will be a charge of $3.95 to return them to you priority mail. Which is what the post office charges us. 

If you have a large amount of photos you want displayed you need to move to our "Design for You" plan.  That plan includes an almost unlimited amount of photos. 

Any questions?  Use the form on our SUPPORT PAGE or see if they are answered in our FAQ.