If you are a business owner you should have email addressed to you at your business.  Many of you use and address like yourname@earthlink.net or YourScreenName@aol.com.  The problem with this is that you are tied to your internet provider.  If you ever switch providers everyone who contacts you will have to be notified.  Using your own domain name for email means you will never lose your email address.  As long as you keep your domain registered YOU are in charge of your email.

Plus everytime you send an email you'll advertise your business!

Get our TEMPLATE PLAN and you will be able to use webmail (thru your browser window)or any other standard email program to receive your mail. 

You can have more than one email box.  So you and your partner can each have your own email account (with your own passwords) at your domain name.  

After you get your domain we'll walk you thru setup and how to use this service.  I can't wait to see your new email address attatched to your business name!