1. I have a particular kind of website that I really like but I don't see it represented in your templates.  Any chance of you adding this style?

Absolutely.  Just describe the website style you like (an example site would be nice) and we'll see what we can do to make it happen. There is no obligation for you to purchase until after you've seen it. If you don't like it when we are done someone else probably will. <GRIN>

2. Wow! So I'm not limited by the templates available that's terrific.  What is the downside?

The downside is that if you want the template price ($199.00) after we have made up the proposed site the style you have given us is added to our template list.  Other's may choose to use it in the future.  If you don't want us adding it to the template list you need to move up to the next plan which starts at $500.00.  You should be aware, however, even with this plan that we can't guarantee you won't see "your" style elsewhere on the web.  

3. You say I'm allowed one change per quarter.  My phone number was just changed do I have to wait until the next quarter to change it?

Of course not.  Because our prices are so low we have to have some sort of control over the changes we will do. We had one individual that was sending us weekly changes.  If you have used all your allowed changes for the year we'll tell you in advance what it will cost for us to make the change.  The prices are very reasonable.  You can also elect to use a change for next quarter in this quarter. In other words, you are allowed four changes per year.  Which is more than enough for most business sites.

4. Can I use one of my changes to change to a different template?

No.  Changes are text changes or limited photo changes.  If you want to change to another template the charge is $99.00. 

5. I want to be able to add material without going thru you.  Is there anyway I can do this?

Sure.  You need to get our "Designed for You" plan.  This comes with a "file manager" that allows you to put up virtually any amount of your own web content.   Another option: If you already own a design for your business you can use our "Housing Only" plan and you add all the material you want whenever you want whenever you want.  You do need to know something about putting up webpages.

6. I have many more photos then the ten I'm allowed but I'm not prepared to spend $500.00... any other solutions?

Yes. You can use a service like webshots.com that allows you to store photos in web albums for free.  You can then link from your photo page on your site to your albums on webshots.  It would be seamless although the difference in design is noticeable. 

7.  I notice that your support is done thru email.  I want to talk to you on the phone is there anyway I can do this?

On the template plan need to stick to email support if possible. This allows us to budget our time and keep our overhead and thus our prices low.  If you feel that a telephone conference would be useful you can request one via our support form and we'll set up a time when we can get together.  Telephone conferences are always included in the "Design for You" plan.

8. I sent you an email and didn't hear anything back from you.  What happened?

We are fantical about answering emails.  If you used our email address you could have gotten caught in our spam filter and we might not have seen your email. Use the form instead of the email address and that shouldn't happen.

9. I got your "design for you" plan.  I also want free updates... I have about 20 photos to add. 

Oh dear. This is like finishing a wallpaper job and the people want you to come back and add a border for free. It would probably take the better part of a day to put all those photos up especially since each gets it's own webpage and each needs a "thumb size" and a regular size photo and they all have to be optimized for the web. So, no, it isn't free unless I decide that I love you.  Free quarterly updates are done on the template plan in a "LIMITED" fashion so there is the difference. I'll do limited updates for free on the "design for you" plan also. L-I-M-I-T-E-D. I love doing making webpages but somedays I'd rather be playing with my grandkids in the sandbox.  So LARGE additions or changes are billed on an hourly rate and I'll give you an price before we begin.  Is that fair?

10. What will you charge to add a sixth page to a template?

$50.00.  Two additional pages are $100.00. This is high because I'm trying to discourage it. I designed these sites for five pages so, sadly, not all templates are suited to additional pages. Therefore, this must be arranged in advance. Any more pages then that and you move to the "design for you" plan. 

11. I have seen template plans that are cheaper... how did you arrive at your price?

I doubt if you'll find any plan any cheaper that puts those templates up for you, provides the registration for the domain name, houses the website for a year and provides updates at no additional charge.  There are no "hidden charges" here. In addition you are not housed on a server with one thousand other sites. You are on a premium server for under $10.00 a month. I only charge $99.00 to do all the setup AND give you support.  Plus I know our industry.  If you can find someone cheaper, who cares more about your business....go for it. I've made this as reasonable as I can to encourage paperhangers and others in our industry to have QUALITY websites that showcase their professionalism.

12. I like the idea of having a forum where I answer my client's questions on the web. Is this possible?

Certainly. I'll set one up for you for free (it only counts as one of your webpages) but I don't support it.  In other words, you gotta to work your way around the instructions provided.  Forums are labor intensive for support.  If you aren't prepared to spend a great deal of time learning the "ins and outs" then I advise against it.  However, if you have the time having a bulletin board can be fun.

13. What about a mail list can I have one to keep in touch with my clients?

The mail interface you are provided also has mail lists. It is included.

14. Is my domain name registered in my name?

Yes. It is your property.