Dynamic photo displays simply give you the ability to highlight more than one photo on a page.

We have several in our templates and if you like the way a particular display works you are free to use it on any template we have within the design limitations.  For example, you can pick the dynamic display featured in template #2 and use it on an inside page of Template #14.

If you don't want to choose a display we will choose one for you based on the template and the material you send us.  After all we are YOUR webperson and you are not FORCED to make these hard choices.  Our job is to make you look good! So just relax.

However, if you are in to making decisions you might want to review the templates featuring displays. The displays are located on the following templates:

Template Two: I like this display because it gives you a place to write a caption.  So your visitor is given  a short explanation of what they are seeing. Terrific!

Template Six: This is a regular display (as featured in the template above) but without the caption.

Template Seven: This is a cool display. You mouseover the small thumbnail images and a larger version appears next to it. 

In addition to the displays featured in those templates we also have some others available for you to choose from.  You can see those displays below:

Curtains:  This display shows one photo but when you click on the photo the photo you are viewing parts and opens up like a curtain showing the next photo.   Neat!

Top Drop: This one displays photos which drop in from above. 

Fade Out: This is a display where one photo fades into the next.

Conveyor Belt: This is a display where the photos are on a conveyor belt that keeps moving until you run your mouse over it.

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